Two Rubbish Removal Tips to Keep in Mind if You're Organising a Street Party

You will have a lot of rubbish to get rid of if you host a big street party. Here are some rubbish removal tips that could be useful in this situation.

Put your skip bins at the accessible end of the street  

You will need a few skip bins for this event; these bins can usually be rented from a rubbish removal business that will not only provide the bins themselves but will also collect their contents and deliver this refuse to a tip for you. If the party is going to be a big one, then the skip bins you acquire could easily fill up before the celebrations come to an end (especially if it's going to be a two- or three-day event). If this happens, then the rubbish removal business will have to come and pick up these receptacles, empty them out at the tip and then return them to the street, midway through the party.

To ensure that they can to do this without disrupting the celebrations, you must keep the bins at the end of the street. The reason for this is that, in order to host an outdoor party in this setting, you will have to close off the area to vehicles. If the bins are placed in the middle of the street (i.e., an area that a refuse removal truck will be unable to get to very easily), it will be difficult for the employees of the rubbish removal company to empty the bins whilst the party is ongoing.

As such, if the skip bins reach capacity during the celebrations and you have put them in the centre of the street, you might have to shut down the party for an hour or so and clear the street of any stalls that have been set up so that the rubbish truck can access the bins. Doing this in the middle of the party could cause the atmosphere to turn sour, which could make it hard to get the celebrations back up and running again after this process is over.

Borrow a few smaller bins for the centre of the street

If you follow the advice above and put the skips at the end of the street, then you may need to borrow a few smaller bins for the centre of the street and have those who are helping you run this event periodically empty the contents of these small containers into the skips throughout the party.

Making sure that there are small bins that people can easily get to will mean that the party-goers will be less likely to throw rubbish on the street just because they can't be bothered to walk all the way down to the skip bins. This, in turn, should mean that your clean-up crew will have much less work to do after the celebrations are over in order to return the street to its original, clean state. Providing these smaller bins will also eliminate the possibility of the rented and much more valuable skip bins being damaged by any boisterous revellers.