When Household Clutter Makes You Stutter: Four Healthy Reasons to Clear Your Household's Clutter

Are you struggling to get things done at home because of the clutter? Is your mental and physical health on the wane recently? The two are probably connected. When you live in the same place for years, it's easy to hold onto things that you don't, or no longer, need. Unfortunately, there is only so much space in your house.

If your home has become a cluttered wasteland, then you need to be aware that clutter is bad for your health in a number of ways.

Dust Mites Thrive in Old Furniture

Do pieces of old furniture that you should have thrown away months or years ago fill the rooms and halls of your home? Then those items of furniture could be home to millions upon millions of dust mites, especially if you haven't cleaned them in a while. Dust mites thrive in close proximity to humans because they feed off human skin cells, which humans shed an abundance of every day.

Unfortunately, dust mites cause allergies and allergic reactions in hay fever sufferers and sufferers of allergic rhinitis. If you or another family member suffers with allergy issues while at home, such as sneezing and coughing, it might be time to throw away your old furniture.

Clutter Causes Procrastination

According to research, clutter leads to procrastination. When you have to rifle through piles of junk or shuffle around unwanted furniture and appliances, getting things done is understandably more difficult. As a result, you end up procrastinating.

Clutter Stifles Creativity

Where do you go when you need to think? It certainly won't be somewhere that is brimming with clutter. According a survey carried out by Brother, 40% of participants struggled to get creative when surrounded by mess. And if you are unable to get creative, then you'll probably find it even more difficult to purge the clutter.

Mess Leads to Stress

How does clutter make you feel? Since clutter is mess, and mess is something that constantly nags at you whenever you see it, it makes sense that clutter also causes stress. So, not only do you procrastinate because of clutter, but clutter also stops you from moving forward, and it causes you to feel guilty as a result. Ultimately, your stress levels increase.

Satisfy Your Urge to Purge

There is a very simple way to get rid of the clutter clogging up the rooms of your home. You can seek the help of a professional waste removal company. Some waste removal companies specialize in removing residential waste, such as old furniture, toys and clothing. All you need do is point them in the right direction, and they'll take the mess off your hands.

Is mess leaving you stressed? Hire a residential waste removal service today to clear your mind and home.