Factors To Consider When Looking For Skip Bin Hire

When engaged in a household project, you are likely to be generating a lot of garbage in your yard. Your local bin service might not be sufficient to accommodate your waste disposal needs. This is the reason you should opt for skip bin hire. If you're new to residential skip bins, here's a look at some factors you need to consider.

The Type of Waste

The first thing you need to do when choosing skip bin hire is to identify the type of waste you want to dispose of. Skip bin companies differ not only in terms of price, but also the kind of waste they allow. It's important to enquire from prospective skip bin companies what types of waste they handle.

For usual waste such as fabric, paper, wood and metal, a regular skip bin service will suffice. However, if you're dealing with hazardous chemicals and batteries, you need to find a service that specialises in these kinds of waste. It's a good idea to call a prospective skip bin hire service and tell them the kinds of waste you want to dispose of. The service provider will tell you whether they can find an appropriate bin for your waste and also help you sort your garbage for better disposal.

The Size of the Skip Bin

When choosing a skip bin service, you need to consider the appropriate size for the amount of waste you want to dispose of. Skip bin sizes are measured in cubic meters. The smallest bin can accommodate 2 cubic meters worth of waste; this is equivalent to 20 wheelbarrow loads of waste. The other bin sizes range from 3 cubic meters to 31 cubic meters.

Many companies charge more if your waste exceeds the weight limit. It's important to consider how much waste you have so that you can hire a size that's larger by one or two sizes. This will save you the extra money and be sufficient guarantee that all your waste will be accommodated by the bin.

The Permit For The Skip Bin Hire

A skip bin permit is required if you want to place your bin on a footpath or nature strip. The permit ensures public safety and prevents damage to road surfaces. You need to find a licensed skip bin hire service that has the appropriate permits for a legit waste disposal process.

In some areas, customers are required to acquire permits for skip bins. Make sure the location of your bin complies with the regulations of the waste management authority in your area. You should also ensure the skip bin hire service has public liability insurance in case of accidents or incidents near your residence.