4 Ways Letting Rubbish Build Up Can Put You in Danger

Many people keep old appliances, broken furniture and other items that no longer have a use in their backyards for far too long. This article explores some of the dangers of allowing rubbish to accumulate on your property. Read on to discover more!

1) Rubbish is attractive to pests

Do you have bags of junk piled up in your back garden? If so, it's time to clear them out. Piles of old junk left outside can be extremely attractive to pests like rats and mice as they can provide the ideal place for them to shelter. It is an unfortunate fact that animals who carry germs like rats, mice and flies are likely to be drawn to areas where there is excess rubbish; they will most likely use the rubbish as a toilet. When left in the yard, their droppings can contaminate other areas and objects which you touch. Once established inside the rubbish, it is likely the rodents will begin to explore your property in search of food and shelter.

2) Rubbish creates fire hazards

Rubbish often contains flammable material such as paper, wood and plastic — all of which can easily ignite. The build-up of combustible materials near buildings creates fire hazards. Just one match or a single discarded cigarette butt could be enough to get a fire going. Once your rubbish becomes part of the risk, it is important you take steps to reduce the chances of a fire starting. This means regularly cleaning your yard and disposing of any rubbish. A disposal service can offer further advice.

3) Rubbish can cause trips and falls

Piles of rubbish in the yard or on the driveway are another potential trip hazard for people using your home. If you know that certain parts of your home are particularly dangerous, it may be worthwhile to move items to safer areas until they can be disposed of properly.

4) Rubbish blocks emergency escape routes

In an emergency, all members of your household must know how to safely exit your home or premises after a fire starts or if there is a gas leak. If you have an excess of items built up around this area, it can seriously affect your ability to make a safe escape. A rubbish removal company can help you to clear the escape routes.

If you like further advice about disposing of rubbish, you should contact a rubbish removal service today.