Tips for Protecting Rental Skip Bins from Unauthorised Use

Whether you are renovating your home, landscaping, or simply hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving, you cannot skimp on skip bins. They help keep your property clean by providing an easy way to dispose of garbage. However, hiring skip bins costs money, and you need to get value for money. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of homeowners complaining about their neighbours and passersby using their skip bins. It often leads to premature filling, causing you to spend more money. This article highlights tips for preventing unauthorised use of a rental skip bin.

Light it Up  

Unless your neighbours or passersby do not mind being seen using your bins, they will often opt to stay out of sight. For instance, they will be more confident throwing trash in your bin at night than during the day. Similarly, passersby are more likely to use your bin if it is behind an obstacle. The best way to prevent unauthorised people from using your skip bin is to keep it in a visible place. For example, if your bin is behind a tree, move it in front so that you can see whoever comes near it. You can also install a bin near the motion sensors on your property so that you are alerted when someone or something comes close. Your neighbours and passersby will give your skip bin a wide berth once they realise the steps you have taken to protect it from unauthorised use.

Cover Your Skip Bin 

You can protect your skip bin all you want, but if you leave it open most times of the day, people will find ways to use it without your permission. For instance, it is easy for a neighbour living opposite to throw a bottle of soda or milk from the driveway to your bin. Passersby can also do the same since they do not have to approach your trashcan to dispose of their garbage. Therefore, always cover and lock a skip bin with a lid. You can use a tarp if a bin does not have a lid.

Communicate with Neighbours  

Good neighbourliness starts with communication. Sometimes, a neighbour might be using your skip bin, thinking that you do not mind. It is mainly the case if you are friends with the neighbour. However, you will be surprised how talking to your neighbour about the problem can significantly change their behaviour. Explain to them that you want to maximise a skip bin's capacity because you are paying for it every time it is on your property. The chances are high that your neighbour will come clean and admit they did not know you had a problem with their actions. It will improve your relationship with neighbours and help you get your money's worth.

Be sure to reach out to a local skip bin service for more tips.